Raimondo Montecuccoli

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The Montecuccoli Family. From the Middle Ages to the Empire

Raimondo Montecuccoli. Valiant Leader and Cultured Protagonist of Seventeenth Century Europe

Municipality of Pavullo. The Castle of Montecuccolo

The lower village of the Castle of Montecuccolo

Municipality of Pavullo. The story continues just a short distance from the Castle of Montecuccolo: the villages of Renno, Montebonello and Olina

Municipality of Lama Mocogno - Montecenere

Municipality of Polinago. Between history and nature: The Castle of Brandola, and the ancient hamlets of Gombola and Talbignano

Guiglia and the domination of the Montecuccoli. The village of Samone

Guiglia. The Sassi di Rocca Malatina Regional Park and the Church of San Giovanni Battista

Municipality of Montese. Montese, the fortress and the domination of the Montecuccoli family over the centuries

Marano sul Panaro and the domination of the Montecuccoli

The Via Bibulca. In the footprints of the ancient wayfarers

Ancient Culinary Arts in the Montecuccoli age

Palagano. Excursions to the Cinghi di Boccassuolo mines in the Val Dragone

Tracking down Raimondo Montecuccoli in Europe

Montefiorino. The Parish Church of Rubbiano. Poggio Medola

Municipality of Montefiorino. Montefiorino between past and present

Beyond Raimondo, other famous members of the Montecuccoli family

Palagano between past and present

Municipality of Pavullo. Chasing down history: The villages of Semese, Lavacchio and Gaiato